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Open Yahtzee

Test Your Luck and Strategy in This Classic Dice Game!

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Game Description

Everybody Loves Yahtzee!

Yahtzee has been an enduring classic since its creation in 1954. Yahtzee bears a strong resemblance to many other dice games from the past but features a unique twist all its own.

You may wonder where Yahtzee got its unusual name. It was originally called "The Yacht Game" because the couple who concocted it played the game on their yacht. Yahtzee later gained commercial success as a game that made thinking fun.


How it Works

Open Yahtzee is a great, relaxing single player game. Like poker, elements of luck, strategy and probability are at work during each game. If you've ever enjoyed the laid back pace of solitaire but wished for a bit more of a challenge for your brain, Open Yahtzee is the game for you!

During each turn of Open Yahtzee there are three different rolls of the dice. You get to decide which dice to keep during the first two rolls, but you must take what you get on the final roll. Deciding what to score and what to re-roll is where the strategy comes in.

The game board has two sections: Upper and lower. Upper section scoring is done by adding the number of die faces matching the box. In the upper section, the total number of die faces which match are added together to make the score. For example, rolling three fours would result in a final score of twelve. Successfully scoring over 63 points gives a bonus of 35 points to the upper section score.

The lower section consists of different poker themed dice combinations along with the infamous Yahtzee. These include:

  • Full House: Three of a kind and a pair (25 points)
  • Three of a Kind: Three die with the same face
  • Four of a Kind: Four die with the same face
  • Sequence of Four: Four numbers in a sequential row (40 points)
  • Sequence of Five: Five numbers in sequential order (50 points)
  • Chance: Anything goes! Worth the sum of all dice
  • Yahtzee: Five dice of the same number (50 points)
  • Yahtzee Joker: If you have already scored a yahtzee and manage to roll another during the same game, it may be scored anywhere in the lower section for a whopping 100 point bonus!

Some rolls will apply to more than one of the above categories. You must choose carefully for the highest score!


Yahtzee + PC = Perfection

Now you can enjoy a quiet game of Yahtzee thanks to Open Yahtzee. The game automatically keeps score and there are no pieces or paper to lose. Mousing over each scoring option on the board even provides a preview of how many points that decision is worth!

Open Yahtzee takes the original classic and makes it better than ever before!

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Fast Facts

  1.  The first version of the Yahtzee board game was called "Yatzie" and was released in the early 1940s in America.
  2.  Hasbro, the current owner of the board game, says 50 million Yahtzee games are sold every year around the world
  3.  There is a scientifically calculated optimal way to score Yahtzee for maximum points
  4.  The lowest possible score to get in a Yahtzee game is 5
  5.  The highest possible score is 375
  6.  Open Yahtzee was first released in October of 2006 and has seen updates up until November of 2012

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