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Bejeweled Strategy Guide

So you want to be a Bejeweled Master? Just want to learn how to play better? You've come to the right place. We will show you valuable tips on how to set yourself up for matches, make multiple matches in a row, and more great Bejeweled game hints. Let's go! We also recommend you try Bejeweled 2 for even more Bejeweled fun.

Tip #1 - The Double

  • Resist the urge to swap gems 3 & 4
  • Swap #1 & #2 instead
  • The diamonds will match and disappear for 10pts
  • The triangles above gem 3 will drop down and create a match with #4 for an extra 20pts

Tip #2 - Four-In-a-Row

  • With so many possibilities, an impatient Bejeweler might miss a play in his/her haste
  • Blue gems 3 & 4 catch the eye quickly. Resist swapping them.
  • Instead, swap #1 & 2 for a four gem for twice as many points.

Tip #3 - The Setup

  • Setting yourself up for the next swap is important at higher levels when matches become more scarce.
  • To set yourself up for two match possibilities in a row, first swap #1 & #2
  • #3 & 4 will then drop down & are available to be swapped with each other to create a second match of orange shapes on the next turn

Tip #4 - The Setup (Part Deux)

  • Swap 1 & 2
  • #3 will then drop three positions and land on top of #4
  • #5 will then be available for swapping with whatever gem comes down on #3 for the second consecutive match.

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