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Draw Something Free

Outwit, Outguess and Outdraw Your Opponent in a Battle of Artistry!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

A New Way to Challenge Other Players

In the old days, when someone offended your honor, it was customary to challenge them to a duel. Such matters could be handled in any number of ways; with foil sabers, pistols at dawn, or just plain old fisticuffs. With the computer games of today, we now have less health-adverse methods of challenging people in the ring of honor. In a shooter, we can gun down virtual representations of opposing players with virtual bullets. In a racing game, we make them eat our dust on a digitized race track.

In Draw Something Free, you can now prove your superiority over your opponent by drawing better than him or her! With the mobile device of your choice, you can just as easily engage in a duel of artistry online.


Artistic Charades

Are you familiar with the old family game of Charades? Draw Something operates under a similar principle. The biggest difference is that instead of watching the other player’s behavior, you’ll instead try to guess his or her intent by looking at the pictures they draw for you. In Draw Something, the stylus is genuinely mightier than the sword.

  • Go online and find another player to exchange illustrations with.
  • When it’s your turn, pick one of three words provided to you and attempt to convey it visually by drawing it onto your touchpad screen. Use your finger if you’re using a smartphone or a stylus if you’re playing on a tablet.
  • When you’re all done, submit your drawing to the other player. It will become his or her job to guess what you have illustrated.
  • Each word you receive has a different level of difficulty. You could illustrate something as simple as a Cyclops or attempt to capture the essence of a term like “rapture.” The greater the difficulty, the better the rewards.
  • Comes packaged with nearly 1000 words to draw.
  • Earn coins as you play the game. Spend them to unlock new colors to paint with and add more detail to your works of art.
  • For the especially artistically-inclined, you can save and share your creations with the click of a button!

Getting the Hint

When it comes to figuring out just what exactly your partner is trying to convey through his or her artwork, you don’t just need to rely on your eyes. There are plenty of things available in Draw Something that can make your guesswork a little bit easier.


  • When an illustration is submitted, you may view the whole drawing process that was done in order to create the picture.
  • Receive a number of scrambled letters that spell out the object or concept that’s depicted in the drawing.
  • Spend coins to purchase special items called bombs. Use them to eliminate junk letters and make it easier to unscramble the words pertaining to the drawing at hand.

Draw for Free

The game is not called Draw Something Free for nothing. Although it was originally released on the App Store for a price, you have the option to play this version for absolutely no extra cost. All the words are available, all the paint colors are for sale, and you’ll even start out with five free bombs to boot!

If you’re looking for an original online game that fits your tablet like a glove or you happen to have a knack for drawing, sketching or just plain doodling, then Draw Something Free should definitely warrant your attention. It’s both a fun game to play and a powerful tool for aspiring digital artists who can’t just stay in one place for too long.

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