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Cubis Gold

A simple, highly charged arcade/puzzle game that is played in all three dimensions.

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Game Description

CUBIS Gold is a simple, highly charged arcade/puzzle game that goes beyond 2D point-and-click games. CUBIS Gold's unique 3D board engages the player with colorful cubes that must be removed against the clock by matching three or more in a row, vertically or horizontally, not diagonally. Score BIG with a chain that sets off another chain and you have a CUBIS! Move fast as you skillfully make chains of three or more cubes to remove them from the 3D board. Unlike anything you've played before, you'll spend hours enjoying this all-new twist on computer puzzle games.


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Fast Facts

  1. Unlimited game play! Create your own custom game
  2. Bonus cubes, and tons of levels
  3. Customize the theme
  4. Save games and record high scores

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